Business transformation with disruptive innovation!

Our AI driven ecosystem enables retail brands to look beyond the obvious metrices and transform data insights into brilliant decisions for footwear business.

In-Store Experience

Our personal fit advisor gives an instant uplift to the retail store and drives seamless shopping experience. The unique in-store platform powered by computer vision technology generates volumetric data of the feet to create shopping preferences that are entirely tailored as per their need.

Integrated Omni-
Channel Platform

Our platform empowers shoe retailers to engage across all touch points by displaying the right inventory for customers to shop from anywhere, anytime. It bridges the gap between ‘click and deliver’ for retailers, promotes seamless shopping experience and matches the size chart of each product in your e-commerce inventory as per customer requirement in real time.

Scale Up E-Commerce

Our Universal fit ID powered by the volumetric data of feet provides ‘Fit Confidence’ to online shoppers by sorting the most relevant options from inventory to enable quick selection. Retailers can now benefit from improving opportunity to increase customer conversions and reduce product returns.

Beyond Dashboards

Our analytic engine creates tailored data solution beyond static graphs and dashboards that provide deep insights on key retail indicators for effective decision making. Our technology helps retailers to analyse in-store/online shopping behaviour and assess the impact of merchandising efforts.

Digital Marketing

Our data insights map vital information of a customer’s preference and buying behaviour which help brands to create personalised digital marketing campaigns that leads to increase campaign ROI and customer retention. Our ecosystem enables brands to go beyond the usual way of digital marketing by personalising end-to-end consumer journey.


Optimize your store inventory with our Geo-localized fit clustering and customer preference algorithms, and enhance product freshness instore aligned to the customer preferences. Achieve higher throughput and maximize your revenue by achieving your perfect product market fit.

Creating & Capturing Customer Value